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R2R MT Carmel Belly of The Dragon

-Private tour (1-3) people ride with the guide $599.99

-Private tour (1-4) people you drive 2 Seater $799.99 4 Seater $849.99

-25 % off savings:Group Tour You Drive: (2 or More guided rentals)  2 seater $599.99 4 seater $649.99 (20 people max)

Add (1-3) people to ride with the guide for $80 per person

 All machines are equipped with car to car headset communications with integrated Bluetooth, and ice chest. Keep in mind all tour prices do not include a $33 dollar charge for the insurance you will need to purchase. There is a $2000 dollar damage deposit.

Friendly reminder as of Feb. 1st. 2023 you must have completed the OHV course to rent!

Hey, thrill-seekers! 🚀 Gear up for an unforgettable journey with us to Mount Carmel. Rock crawling, sand hills, deep whoops - it's all on the menu and every bite is DELICIOUS! 😍 Prepare to explore the belly of the Dragon (a sandstone carve that'll leave you awe-struck). No matter which route we take together, excitement is GUARANTEED. Because let's face it - 'disappointed' is just NOT in our vocabulary!

Belly-of-the-Dragon 1.jpg
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