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R2R Petroglyphs

3 hours 

2 Seater normally $399

4 Seater normally $449

 GPS Guided ride. Take the GPS as it guides you to your destination.   


All machines are equipped with car to car headset communications with integrated Bluetooth, GPS, and ice chest.


Keep in mind all  prices do not include a $33 dollar charge for the insurance. 

$2,000 for deposit for tour

$5,000 deposit required.

R2R Pictographs: This ride will take you to see some amazing petroglyphs left by the Anasazi Indians that called this area home some 800-2000 years ago. You will make a loop to view a small panel of petroglyphs at a secret spring with stunning views of Zion, Kolob, Pine Valley, Gooseberry Mesa, and Canaan mountain you will be left speechless with the natural beauty that surrounds you. 

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