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R2R Dinosaur Tracks

3 hours 

2 Seater $399

4 Seater $449

 You will be able to take our GPS tablet that has the route mapped out.  All machines are equipped with car to car headset communications with integrated Bluetooth, GPS, and ice chest. Keep in mind all tour prices do not include a $33 dollar charge for the insurance you will need to purchase and a $5,000 dollar damage deposit for the Can Am X3 if you rent if you do a tour it is $2,000 damage deposit

Friendly reminder as of Feb. 1st. 2023 you must have completed the OHV course to rent!

The Dinosaur tracks: This route is a sandy winding trail with some slick rock. Once to the tracks you will visit a couple of kiosks with information on the different dinosaurs and what life was like back then. Then you will embark on a dinosaur track scavenger hunt to see who is the top paleontologist. (Please respect the site and do not touch the tracks). On your way out you make a loop that will have you shifting in and out of 4wd and using HI and LOW range to conquer this truly epic trail. 

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