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Guided Ride/Rental Agreement


    Requires that you be 25 years old to rent and at least 18 years old to operate our machine on a guided ride.

  • A valid driver’s license is required to rent and operate our UTVs.

  • All renters must complete the OHV course per the state of Utah requirement. This is only if you rent if you do a tour you will not have to complete this. 

  • All renters must read, understand, and sign the “Rental Agreement” and “Liability Release Form” prior to renting the vehicle.

  • All machines are equipped with cameras. This is for your safety. these cameras may not be tampered with. If tampered with you will be charged. 

  • Renter is responsible for all damage or loss you cause to the Vehicle and to others.  A $5,000 Security Deposit will be taken for rentals/ $2,000 for a tour (see below for more details).

  • Arrive 30 minutes early on the day of your rental to allow time to fill out and review the rental agreement & liability release as well as go through a safety and instructional briefing on your UTV. IF YOU ARE LATE WE MAY RENT YOUR MACHINE TO ANOTHER CUSTOMER OR CHARGE YOU FOR LOST REVENUE. 

  • All renters must abide by state regulations for riding trails and public roads in that state which they are using it in.

  • Full Day Rentals are 24hrs 

  • Late return fee is $100 for the first hour and $150 for each hour thereafter.

  • There is a $150 cleaning fee if the unit is returned excessively muddy. this is determined by Ready To Ride at the time of return.

  • Ride at your own risk.

  • Ready To Ride accepts CASH, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for payment. We will take 50% of the tour or rental up front. 

  • Fuel Policy: Your rental will be full of 91 Octane fuel when you pick it up so we require that you return it full with 91 Octane fuel. There is a Chevron at the Bee's Market a couple miles away from our facility for your convenience. Please keep your receipt to verify your fuel purchase and the proper 91 octane is used. If proof is not given we assume lower grade fuel has been used and there is a $100 Fuel Assessment to drain the tank and refill the UTV with 91 Octane fuel.


A $5,000 Security Deposit (hold) is placed via credit card for rentals $2000 for tours.  This will only be used if there is damage to the vehicle. If the vehicle is returned free of any damage the credit card hold will be removed. (We release damage deposits after a routine company vehicle inspection- usually within 24hrs. If vehicle damage is found, a more thorough inspection of the vehicle may be performed which could delay the process.)




Renters are 100% financially responsible for any vehicle damage while in their possession. And the loss of potential income while being repaired. Please return your vehicle in the condition it was provided to you to avoid these charges.  

All Renters are required to have a active insurance rental/tour policy during the time of rental/tour, daily rates are $33.00 dollars for the policy (link will be sent for this via email for you to complete). All forms sent via DocuSign and are delivered to your email for signing and must be completed before rental/tour begins. if not done in a timely manner you will for fit your deposit and not be allowed to participate.

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