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Our Story

This is our story and our adventure for life

About Us


Hi let me introduce myself. My name is Chelsey Burner I met my husband Kerry playing street hockey growing up around the corner from one another. He is the best loving husband and dad to our children. He is the hardest working caring man I have ever met. He is a wonderful guide and will make sure you are safe while at it. We have grown together so much in the last couple of years and have been happily married for almost 9 years. We have 2 handsome boys age 4 and 7 and we love the adventure for life. We love to go ride and get dirty. I am so excited to start this adventure of Side by Side guided rides and rentals and so much more. I have a passion for coffee and hope to be opening a coffee shop one day. I hope you will come along on our adventure of riding and getting to see the land we love the most. 

    Chelsey Burner

Hi I am Kerry Burner Husband, Father, and born very blessed. I like pushing myself out of my comfort zone. When you push outside your comfort zone you expand what is possible and what you are capable of. It's through these experiences the best of life's memories are made. Life is short take and make as many of these experiences as you can while you can. I grew up in the area hunting, fishing, camping, riding motorcycles, ATVS, UTVS, have all been apart of my life. The last 17 years of my life I have owned and operated Ready To Ride. A motorcycle, ATV, UTV service and repair shop. I am so blessed and honored to expand into this market and to be able to share these unique areas with you. I have dreamed of this business venture since high school and I am excited to bring my dream to reality. I am selfish and get a unbelievable feeling of joy when I show someone something new and exciting. I take as many of these selfish opportunities as I can to help me grow. None of this would be possible without my beautiful wife Chelsey. We share our addiction to be pushed outside our comfort zone, and like being comfortably uncomfortable as we call it. Also like to thank my parents for letting me make mistakes, and putting up with me through my childhood. I continue to look up to them and look for their advice. 






Our Company Headquarters

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