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Featured Picture Guided Ride

Here is the Picture Guided Ride info. If you need to Can Am's X3 to fit the whole family it will be an additional $300. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

2O5A0017-Edittricia pierce photography.jpg

Featured Pictures/UTV Ride

 Pictures with Ride
3 Hours total
$650 Per Car


Ladies have you ever had a hard time talking the husband into pictures. Well guess what convincing that husband just got a little easier. What better way to get pictures than to do it with a side by side ride in our amazing Can Am X3. You will get 1 hour for the photos in the most beautiful area that you have ever seen. Did I mention that you will be getting professional pictures with Tricia Pierce Photography. This session will includes 25 edited pictures. Than you will get to play 2 hours with the guides to take you out to see the most surreal scenery ever. Bring the kids and the family and have the time of your life build the memories and get the pictures to remember them. 

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