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C6 Scout Rev Tent

Here is a little bit about the tent we love to use while out camping. This Tent allows us to make camping simple again, and easy to move several times if needed. This tent usually goes on the top of our Can Am X3. We just took this tent with us out on my elk hunt. It is a 4 seasons tent and you "DON'T" have to make the bed every time you put it up or down. The bed is already done as all your bedding stays in the tent the whole time this just makes life so much easier. This tent only weighs in at 28 lbs. With all of our bedding in it, it is around 38 lbs. This is a tent that you get to unzip, unfold and the poles are already in it you just snap together. This tent sets up in literally "3-5 MIN" are you shocked yet cause you should be. Did I mention that it has a "4 INCH MATRESS". No need to worry about not sleeping well with that baby! We have fallen in love with this tent for the simple facts that it makes camping simpler and easier. If you are interested in one of these bad boys please contact us we can get you a quote on one.

"Make camping simpler, funnier, easier, and make those memories to last a life time. Come join Ready To Ride for one of our awesome overnights."

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